Meet the Artist
Brandie Hobbs Mansfield is the artist behind Dream Custom Artwork.  This is a one-woman operation!  Brandie does all of the designing, the painting, computer work, paperwork, and shipping.  Please contact her with questions, comments, or orders at brandie_bc1@yahoo.com.  You can also find Dream Custom Artwork on etsy and facebook.
Brandie Hobbs Mansfield
I've always painted.  Always.  In my second grade journal, we had to write about what we wanted to be when we grew up.  I wanted to be an artist, and that never changed.
I graduated from MTSU with a degree in Graphic Design.  I worked in that field in Murfreesboro and Nashville for a number of years before returning home to McMinnville.
I went back to school at TTU and became a teacher. Today I enjoy teaching Science and Social Studies and incorporate art into every lesson I can!
When I'm not at school, I am in my home studio painting away for Dream Custom Artwork!
In addition to being a teacher and artist, I am a proud mother of two.  My son is a ball player - any sport will do!  My daughter loves the spotlight and dances, acts, and participates in pageants.
Thankfully I have a wonderful husband who helps me keep our schedule running smoothly.
Our cat, Billie, is the chief security officer.  She carefully inspects every box of canvases that comes in and every wrapped package that goes out.